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What Are the Causes of Low-Frequency Hearing Loss?
Discover the various factors that contribute to low-frequency hearing loss. From genetics to noise exposure, learn what causes this type of hearing loss.
Why Do Some People Wear One Hearing Aid Instead of Two?
There are several types of hearing loss that may require you to wear one or two hearing aids. Learn more to see if you need one or two hearing aids.
How to Manage Your Hearing Loss During the Holidays
If you are experiencing hearing loss, it may be hard to communicate with loved ones over the holidays. Learn more on how you can manage your hearing loss.
What Type of Hearing Loss is a Cookie-Bite?
There are several types of hearing loss you may know about. But have you heard of cookie-bite hearing loss? Learn more at Beltone Dallas Fort Worth!
Can Fire Alarms Damage Your Hearing?
Fire alarms emit a loud, piercing sound alerting you of smoke detection in your home or office. Learn how you can protect your hearing from fire alarms.
Why Are Glasses Perceived Differently Than Hearing Aids?
Hearing aids have not always been the norm. But with more hearing loss awareness, the stigma behind hearing aids will soon dissipate. Learn more!
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