Does Hearing Loss Affect Your Balance?

  1. Hearing Loss Affect Your Balance

Hearing loss can be a major debilitating health malady that could potentially precipitate changes in an individual’s personal, professional and social lives. Many may wonder if diminished hearing might elicit other problematic symptoms such as balance issues.

Beltone Dallas Fort Worth invites you to read a brief blog addressing the correlation between decreased hearing ability and equilibrium struggles.

The Connection Between Hearing Loss And Balance Problems

Declining hearing ability on its own accord does not precipitate the onset of unsteadiness. Rather, decreased audio capabilities and a weakened equilibrium are typically symptomatic of specific health maladies.

Specific Ailments Causing Hearing And Balance Problems

In many instances, illnesses impacting both hearing and equilibrium often occur in the inner ear. The inner ear contains the vestibular region. This audio component contains the vestibular system, which is responsible for submitting messages to the brain that enable you to maintain steadiness while standing or walking. Damage to nerves or tissue located within the inner ear can exert a detrimental impact upon both balance and hearing.

Meniere’s Disease

Inner ear problems affecting balance and hearing can also be tied to Meniere’s Disease. This incurable ailment, which usually impacts those of early and middle age can produce violent dizziness and eventually induce significant hearing loss.

Other Conditions Affecting Balance

Sometimes a loss of hearing and equilibrium problems might not be related at all. There are numerous other conditions that might impact your balance. Such issues include but are not necessarily limited to brain disorders, systemic infections, elevated body temperature, severe dehydration, orthopedic issues impacting the head or neck, traumatic brain injuries, blood pressure fluctuations, an imbalance of blood sugar, certain eye diseases and specific medications.

Treatment Options

Should you experience diminished hearing along with equilibrium problems, your doctor will perform a physical examination. Arguably, the first body system that will be screened is the inner ear as this systemic component is the most likely component to cause such manifestations in tandem.

However, if no damaged or diseased process can be detected in your inner ear, any number of other tests might be indicated to diagnose the offending ailment. Specific diagnostic tools used to discern the underlying problem could be blood tests, Magnetic Resonance Imaging tests (MRIs) and CT scans.

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