How Hearing Loss Impact Elders

  1. Benefits of Hearing Aids

Hearing loss is a common health concern among elders. Researchers estimate that nearly one out of every three persons between the ages of 65 and 74 have some degree of diminished hearing. In individuals aged 75 and up, the numbers rise as much as 50%.

Despite its frequency, diminished hearing capacity can exert several significant impacts upon the health and well-being of seniors. At Beltone Dallas-Fort Worth, we invite you to read the following blog discussing what some of these impacts are.

Social Withdrawal and Isolation

The ability to hear is paramount to one’s ability to participate in everyday conversations and other significant social interactions. Older persons who lose their hearing capacities often become isolated and tend to withdraw from activities they once enjoyed.

Cognitive Decline

A continued and pronounced lack of social contact and participation in everyday activities could precipitate a serious cognitive decline in important mental skills like memory and focus.


Some older adults with hearing difficulties view their problems as more of an embarrassment than a medical issue. Therefore, they might express a reluctance to seek medical assistance.

Personal Conflicts

Increased isolation and withdrawal might precipitate personal conflicts with spouses, other close relations and friends. Individuals not stricken with hearing loss might not understand why the individual in question suddenly exhibits such significant personality changes, which might elicit tension and eventually conflict.

Unfair Perceptions

Social isolation might cause those afflicted with hearing loss to be perceived as standoffish or anti-social. Moreover, aged persons with audio limitations might be thought of by ignorant, impatient or uninformed individuals as deviant.


Continued withdrawal due to hearing loss might eventually precipitate the development of negative emotions such as bitterness, frustration, anger and sadness. Should these emotions grow pronounced, more serious mental issues like depression may set in.

Steps Impacted Seniors Can Take

Though a challenge, aged-related hearing problems do not have to be life-consuming. Impacted seniors might be able to overcome hearing challenges by partaking in actions such as being honest with your loved ones about the problem, avoiding places and circumstances where significant background noise will be abundant and speak clearly and loudly.

Contacting Us

Additionally, hearing care specialists suggest that persons with aged-related hearing loss consider investing in a hearing aid. If you are coping with such circumstances, our team of hearing care professionals invites you to visit your local Beltone branch near Dallas Fort Worth to receive a thorough hearing examination and possibly be fitted for a hearing aid specifically designed to match the contours of your ears.