How To Talk To Your Parents About Hearing Loss

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Have you noticed some changes in your parents when you are spending time with them?Are you repeating yourself in a conversation, observing constant muffling in their speech, or are they asking you to turn up the volume of your television even though it’s already too loud? Your parents may be experiencing hearing loss. This medical condition is a common cause for adults who are aging, especially those who are exposed to noisy environments such as clubs or constructions sites. If you see this problem with your parents, It is time to have a sit down and help them understand what hearing loss is, and how they can live with it.

Know How To Properly Explain The Medical Condition

With your parents having a difficulty with conversations, it will be your initiative to know how to begin the conversation. Just like when it comes to explaining to your parents about hearing loss, it will get difficult because their speech may sound smothered or they will ask you to repeat your words twice or more. Here are some tips to follow:

– There’s a right time to start a conversation
Take note that location will become a consideration. Having a normal conversation in the mall or a crowded family gathering would be more difficult since these environments are bound to be noisy. Take the time to take your parents to a quiet place. There, they can hear you better and it will be easier for the both of you to talk about what hearing loss is.

– Be patient and considerate
Explaining about hearing loss will take lots of information processing, so in order for your parents to fully understand about their medical condition, take the time to explain every detail slowly and concisely. It’s important for your parents to understand what they are going through. Most importantly, be there to help your parents with the process of dealing with hearing loss along the way.

Explain The Benefits Of Hearing Aids

One of the best solutions to hearing loss is the hearing aid. These devices will help a person hear things clearer and better. However, it will not fully heal your condition. When things like doorbell ringing or water running has become difficult for your parents to hear, it will become more audible after wearing the hearing aid. One of the greatest benefits with wearing hearing aids is its improvement on one’s mental health. Social isolation is one of the worrying results of hearing loss because people with poor hearing become frustrated in trying to engage in conversation. With this, hearing aids can help with dialogue, and make them feel good about themselves in the long run.

Here are some additional advantages that comes with your parents wearing a hearing aid:
– Helps them concentrate better in work and personal errands
– Make them feel more independent in their performance
– Improve in relationships with workmates, peers and family members
– Increased living quality, parents will be able to live a better life

Realizing and accepting this condition will require a shift in how your parents live and adjusting isn’t easy, much less comfortable. Provide them with support and expert help. Take them to a hearing technician at Beltone DFW, or speak directly to us by calling (888) 958-8432.