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Protecting your hearing matters

Here are some ways that unique customized Beltone Dallas Fort Worth earmolds help further this important goal. Consider ordering these products to help safeguard hearing in certain specific high-risk situations.

Hearing Loss: A Source of Concern

Unfortunately, hearing loss occurs frequently today. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports roughly 15% of the adult population in the United States suffers from some level of hearing impairment. The problem of hearing loss increases significantly with advancing age.

Among people from the age of 55 to 64 demographic, fully 8.5% have sustained disabling hearing losses. Hearing protection becomes a widely shared concern among the elderly. Fully a quarter of all seniors over age 65 suffer from disabling hearing losses. This figure rises to an alarming 50% among Americans over age 74, according to calculations published by the federal government.

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Ways to Safeguard Hearing in High-Risk Situations

Many everyday situations contribute to accidental hearing losses. From diving to flying to using loud power tools, a wide variety of settings imperil individuals’ hearing. Hearing protection matters to everyone. It makes sense to avoid preventable hearing losses whenever possible.

Beltone has created several stylish protective ear molds to help customers safeguard their hearing more effectively. For example, we offer hearing aid protection designed to support all these individuals:

  • Swimmers
  • Auto Racers
  • Pilots
  • Gun Owners
  • Musicians
  • Newscasters
  • Health Care Providers

Does the possibility of inadvertently damaging your hearing concern you?

Statistics indicate that millions of Americans suffer from this tragedy every year. Consider implementing precautions today to protect your hearing.

Taking action now may help you avoid becoming one of the 50% of Americans who can expect to sustain disabling hearing losses in their golden years.

Go ahead and contact Beltone DFW to explore how we can assist you by supplying adequate hearing aid protection. We offer valuable tools to help prevent some unnecessary hearing losses. Call (888) 958-8432 now.

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Hunter/Shooter Earmold

Musician Earmold

Newscaster Earmold

Pilot Earmold

Racing Earmold

Stethoscope Earmold

Swimmer Earmold